Welcome to Tamera Will Wissinger’s website. Tamera is the award-winning author of stories and poetry for young readers of all ages. Her reading interests include almost all areas except those that are too scary, gross, violent, sad, or simply unrealistic or boring for her. (This is not a judgement, it’s a personal preference – she knows many people who love a good very scary book or movie…she’s just not one of them.) When it comes to writing for children, Tamera is bullish on offering high quality, family-friendly stories that have a happy ending (“where nobody fights”). Young readers of the universe deserve the best of everything we can provide!

Her fictional writing interests include contemporary/realistic, family/relationships, humor/word play, nature, sports, fantasy, folk and tall tales, heartland, westerns, world, historical, biography. Her non-fiction writing interests include the study of rhyme, rhythm, techniques, story and poetry forms, encouraging reading, writing, story-telling, and overall growth and development in young people.

Tamera holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Hamline University where she studied the fine story art of writing for young readers.

Formats that interest Tamera are poetry (stand-alone and collections), novels written in poems or verse, readers along the learning spectrum, picture books including graphic novels, and traditional novels. (Tamera is also a budding illustrator/artist, but she’s too shy to tell you that herself.) She has a huge appreciation for most other art forms with the exceptions listed in paragraph one. In particular, Tamera loves musical theater, movies, music, architecture (art of the engineering world!), geometry (art of the math world!), travel (real-time documentary filmmaking, maybe?), geography, geology, the study of all living things (art of the science world!). The internet has created an infusion/confusion? between art and technology and Tamera’s heart and brain yearn for the days where most people had both personal and public lives. The truth is, actually, that a well-told story may take any form. Isn’t it an exciting time to be alive?

Capsule Profile:

Tamera from Z to X: Author of Stories, Verse Novels, and Poetry for Young Readers of all ages. Entrepreneur who is passionate about our Land, Air, and Seas, Health and Wellness, Human Potential, Family and Childhood Development, Imagination, Inclusion, Arts, Education, STE(a)M!, Collaboration/Best Business Practices, Questions and Answers, Grace, Faith, Kindness, Joy. “All for won and…”


GONE CAMPING: A Novel in Verse is here! 

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