For Instructors

The Activity Guide for GONE CAMPING and GONE FISHING is here.


Here is the Activity Guide for THERE WAS AN OLD LADY WHO GOBBLED A SKINK:


Here is the activity guide for THIS OLD BAND:


Here are two older resources for teachers who would like to use GONE FISHING in their classrooms.

The Gone Fishing Teacher's Guide!

In 2013 Marcie Flinchum Atkins, a fifth grade teacher in Virginia, wrote a wonderful and thorough poetry unit based on the poetry in GONE FISHING. I welcome you to use it in your classroom. Here's the link: GONE FISHING Mentor Text Lesson Plan



For Readers & Writers

Welcome to my readers and writers page. This is where I put information about reading, and about writing stories and poetry. Some of it is specific to children's books, and some of it applies to writing for any age reader. Click here to send a note to me if you have thoughts about this section. CONTACT ME

If you want to be a good writer, I think it's important to become a good reader first. Here is how becoming a good reader started for me:

The First Book I Remember Reading

When I was very young, I loved rhymes. One of the first books I ever owned was “Over in the Meadow,” illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats, based on the original version by Olive A. Wadsworth. The book was a gift from my grandparents and uncle and it came with a record. (I still have the book!)  I loved the rhythm and rhymes and the great feeling of independence to be able to “read” along and sing with the record.

My First Favorite Book!


As I grew older, that love of rhyme led to a love of stories. Characters came to life in my imagination as I lived the adventures or trouble that they encountered. My love of poetry and stories led to a love of reading and ultimately to my desire to write my own stories and poetry.