This Old Band feature on The Storyteller's Inkpot

Today I'm honored to be interviewed by Hamline Master of Fine Arts in writing for Children faculty member Marsha Qualey at The Storyteller’s Inkpot.

I love my Hamline MFAC community!

Here is an excerpt:

1. Please describe the book.

In THIS OLD BAND, a ragtag band of cowboys and a cowgirl dance, play their instruments, and make noise out on the open range while they count down from ten to one all day and night to the tune of a familiar folk song.

2. As the story progressed from inception to copy-edited version, what were the major changes?

This was always a counting concept book that featured rugged westerners, but initially I envisioned a story that included a duel. After many attempts and rewrites over a number of years, it became clear to me that these characters did not want to fight; they wanted to play!

How did those changes come about?

I started to think harder about concept books, what made them work, and what I had loved to sing or chant when I was young...


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